Leasing Benefits

Leasing a car brings you benefits such as:


  • Lower monthly payment compared to car rental
  • Convenience - insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance all taken care by Avis
  • Complimentary replacement vehicle during vehicle servicing, accident & breakdown
  • Unlimited mileage and unrestricted access into Malaysia
  • Complimentary 24-Hour breakdown assistance in Malaysia
  • 24-hour call center to assist you
  • Driving conveniences such as GPS, DVD Players and Child Seats
  • Lower upfront funding compare to outright purchase & hire purchase
  • Cost saving on admistrative, maintenance and others cost
  • No Risk on Residual Value-Vehicle is simply returned to Avis at lease-end
  • Hassle Free on Disposal of vehicle
  • Allows staff to concentrate on your core business without the additional overhead often required to manage and administer your fleet in-house
  • Lease rentals are usually tax-deductible (except for luxury vehicles) when the vehicle is used to generate assessable income


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